Wednesday, December 30, 2009

it's for REAL!!!

Sorry it's taken me so long to post again...These pictures of the inside of the shop are so outdated now. We have slatwall up on all the walls, the POS counter is up...inventory is being checked in...just not out yet! The pic of the display windows up front wasn't very good...there is actually a third display window to the left of the left front door. I just have to figure out some cute displays without fading the items with sunlight!! I will get busy and take some pics of the how much it has already changed. As you can see the pic with Jacob my grandson at our family Christmas party that the holidays were full with family and friends and good cheer!!! Slowed me down with the shop but it was a GOOD thing too because I got to enjoy all of my family too!!! I hope you all have a safe and Blessed New Year!!! Shawne..I still need your snail mail address for your prize from the contest!!! Hugs and Best wishes to you all!!! Pam

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I chose two different suggestions...
I took part of Shawnes suggestion and tweaked it with Graces!!!!

Craft Crossing
Cross on over to your Crafty side....
Where fabric meets paper & everything in between!!!

This will be centered better in the middle of the business card and then all the regular info like
phone #'s, etc will be in the corners... So what do you think? Sorry it's taken me so long to decide
but things have been so hectic especially with the holidays on top of things!!! I promise I will be get better about posting as soon as I can...Just bear with me a little maybe after Christmas!!! LOL In a couple of days I will post some pictures of the empty inside of the building.
Then I can show you pictures of fixtures piled around and full boxes of stock that is screaming to get out and be inventory and hung!!! LOL Again...this will be done in a few more days!!! ROFL
AS soon AS...AS soon AS...hear me chant....AS soon AS...I am woman hear me roar!!! AS soon AS... !!! Shawne...I need your snail mail !!! You can email it to me at craftcrossing@GVEC.Net. Grace I have yours! Thanks for the help ladies!
Layne....can ya hear me now!?! I did it....Geez...sisters..especially OLDER sisters!!!LOL
I will post the pictures tomorrow,OK? LOL Again ladies thank you for your help! Pam