Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Inside News!!

I know I am late as usual with blogging but here are pictures of the inside of the store. The beaded crosses and the windchimes are items I had made from a craft show I did a while back. The windchimes are made out of old bedsprings..."springs of the past."
Today I am closed and catching up on housework...My DH is being so patient with me about all of this. He has been so helpful. Without his support and the HELP and support of my family I would never have been able to open on time. One niece drove in from Louisiana to help set things up and ended up entering hundreds of items in the inventory list on the POS system. I would have never been able to enter it all in time.
My son not only helped with inventory himself earlier in the week , helped with marking and arranging. Then helped with customers all day on opening day. The city offices were closed and he used his day off to be there. My DH brought us all that was working on Saturday evening rib-eye steaks with salad and the works up to the shop for dinner that night. He was amazing!!!
They all were...I can not even begin to thank them enough. Two of my Best friends came the weekend before and worked too. They missed out on the steaks but ate all the customers Hershey's kisses that I already had on my counter..LOL This week Margie even brought me some to fill the bowl back up!!! Aren't friends super!! Thanks for dropping by and if your ever in the area please drop by and say hi! Pam

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is the store front...we still have to hang our sign in front and this picture was taken minutes before we hung letters on the glass front with the name. the next picture was my DH worker hanging the letters ( cricut) for the Moda Fabric. We teased him that he will have to join the classes... As you see alot of fabric is on back ordered.
I am fixing to send this picture to CDS so I can start ordering from them for the storefront!
I have had withdraws from stamping...and contests with them! LOL More later! Thanks for stopping by. Pam

Friday, January 8, 2010

It's starting to look alot like....

A STORE!!!!!

Excuse the mess on the checkout counter..I have been doing inventory!!!!! Well, what do yall say!!?? I have more pictures coming!! Shawne...still no address from you. Grace, you stash goes out with the snail tomorrow! email is craftcrossing@GVEC.Net. Please let me know your address so I can get your prize out to you. I am also going to send you a business card to show OUR slogan!!! LOL Pam