Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July


Wishing you a safe and a happy July 4th!
We will be closed on the 4th!
Also want to give you a reminder of the classes in the upcoming week ahead.
July 8th....Magic/Burrito Pillowcase
Even if you already have made these some of us need a refresher course and how fun would it be to be a head of everyone else??? LOL Just joking Dee... But for the ones who haven't every made these let me tell you their easy but don't look it and would make some adorable gifts for family and friends with Christmas less than six months away!! today to sign up only $15.00.
July 9th... Penci's Children Classes are at 10:30. Call today  to sign them up.

July 11th...Quilt group #2 meet at 12:30 PM

July 12th... Connies Fun Fab Layout @ 10:30..only $25.00
Call today to reserve your space!! 830-203-5303.

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