Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is the store front...we still have to hang our sign in front and this picture was taken minutes before we hung letters on the glass front with the name. the next picture was my DH worker hanging the letters ( cricut) for the Moda Fabric. We teased him that he will have to join the classes... As you see alot of fabric is on back ordered.
I am fixing to send this picture to CDS so I can start ordering from them for the storefront!
I have had withdraws from stamping...and contests with them! LOL More later! Thanks for stopping by. Pam


  1. Pam, this is so fantastic! How completely wonderful for you! What a guy, hanging your letters and 'crafting' for you ;D

  2. Pam, I am getting even more excited for you! Your DH sure is a sweety helping you out and becoming a "new crafter".

  3. I've been bad....I keep popping up before the store is ready to open. But I have to say watching an empty store, and gradually seeing it literally fill with displays then supplies has thrilled me to no ends for you Pam! Everything is looking terrific. I have a mental map of the "store lay out" and a paper map of what I want in hand, so when the door opens on the 18th I will be there. Will you have "baggers" to help carry out the goodies?! Pam, Again Congrats!

  4. Hey Pam,
    It was the "best time" I've had in soooo long, getting to be in your store and watching the "work in progress".
    I love the store and as each time I've been in I was over whelmed on what you had added. This town and the surrounding towns will be pleased with what you have to offer. I can't wait for the classes. So when you open the doors on the 18th I will be there ready with my supply list. I saw the push carts go in. And beads and more beads...More than buttons I likea beads. Are you going to have a class in bead work? I am ready tooo to start making valentine cards. I can not wait.....

  5. I am so excited for you and me with your store! I really couldn't stop thinking about it all afternoon at work and I know for sure I won't be able to sleep tonight!!! I was telling all my customer's about your store this afternoon when I went back to work. (This is Penci, that works at Wal-Mart Pharmacy that couldn't express how excited I was today) So glad to see so many of my favorite products and I am ready to have you sell me on some of the other products I haven't tried yet. I am just so excited!!!!