Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gonzales Winterfest

OMG...We had a blast on Winterfest weekend!!! We had some VALLEY GIRLS (they are the ones on the right)from Harlingen here to entertain us!!!! ROFL Actually they are from Harlingen Texas but us Gonzales LADIES say they are the VALLEY GIRLS...They will know to read between the lines... LOL To get the full story you need to go to Sandi's blog .
We really did have a blast! despite the charred and melted work tables in the classroom. Luckily no one was hurt! LOL Yes- we really did use everything you see on the tables! LOL Penci taught the last class of the day and as you can see she had her hands full with the bunch of us!
Take care and keep on crafting!


  1. thanks so much for the best classes I've been to in i can't tell you how many years!!! haha... We go by many names and Valley girls is ok, except when WE ARE in the husband would not like me to be one of the locals that goes by that name who dances to a pole, hahaha....let us know of your next classes...i am sure I am going to be making many more trips north this next year..thanks again to all of you.....