Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking alot like Christmas!

It looks someone threw up Christmas in my Craft room! LOL I am so bad about not putting things back in place when I am through with it. I am down to working on a little 12 x 12 place on my work table. LOL
Piles of Christmas stuff are everywhere. I had to keep my grandson out of the room last night while I had him over because it was too much for him to get into! LOL Usually he knows what he can touch, etc. but this time there was way to much temptation! Anyhoo! here is two more cards for my mother( did ya notice she is a follower of mine???, Isn't she beautiful? IRL in the picture she is googling ELVIS... That is why she is smiling so big...ROFL) to choose from! Thanks for dropping by! Pam


  1. I love your blog opening your page is like opening a "surprise" every day. The cards you made for me are in a shoe box ready for once for the big mail out before Christmas. They are too exceptional to give away, I appreciate all your hard work, but I know you must have had a blast doing them. These last two you made, are classy, the colors are perfect and the ornaments look like they are ready to place on a tree.

  2. What beautiful Christmas the colors you used and the ornaments are sooo pretty!!!!