Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More of Moms Christmas Cards

Here are two more of the Christmas cards that I made for my mother to give this Christmas. As you can see I am making her a assortment to choose from. This way no pressure on me except for that Birthday one that I posted a few days ago. LOL The one on the right isn't a good picture because IRL it's very elegant looking. Its also a tri-fold card. If, you click on it and make it larger you can see the different papers better. I'm not taking the time to give the recipe for these today. If, your interested in knowing please contact me. TFL Pam


  1. Wow! Impressive....Your mother will be proud. Oh by the way Pam, since these are "cards" do you think there is such a thing as trading as in baseball trading cards? LOL....Seriously yours get better and better for mother, but personally I love the first picks I got. Notice mother I said first pick. Hope this doesn't turn into a Christmas card "war" hahahahahah. And have to add the cardinals are my favorite yet the colors on the ornament card are exceptional.

  2. These are beautiful, Pam...such gorgeous colors, images, and details!!! You Mom is going to love these!!!