Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prima and more!

Just another shot of some new Primas that I got in here at Craft Crossing. The birdcage actually opens and has a white bird inside. How stinking cute is that!?! I hope everyone had a awesome and blessed Easter this past weekend.

We finally have a winner of the last goodie basket that I promised if you responded back to my email newsletters. Drumroll please......................!
The winner is one of our VALLEY GIRLS...........!
Are yall ready.......Sandi Runyan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(applause applause hats off to the Valley Girl!)
In fact here is a pic of her again from the last class she attended here at Craft Crossing...
Come to think of it she won one of the door prizes during the class. Maybe that is why she is smiling
unless maybe Kay said something funny to her. LOL Anyhow, back to the goodie basket. Sandi I will put it in the mail unless your coming on the National Scrapbooking Day celebration we are having here on May 7th!!! (HINT HINT)
Let me know if I should mail it or not. :)

May 7th at Craft Crossing we are going to have make and takes, scrapbook classes,door prizes,snacks, chocolate, more snacks, more make and takes, and did I mention chocolate????
Put it on your calendar...Drop by before then and check out our new Primas, Jenni Bowlin,
Canvas Corps, Epiphany, and don't forget Tim Holtz. I also have new sewing notions in like machine bulbs,transfer pencils, zippers, and a whole lot more! Check us out!


  1. wow, thats awesome!!!!! Whats in the basket??? I'll let you know by Friday if I'm going to be able to come on the 7th...right now not lookin so good....fingers crossed, cuz I'm dying to see some more of that fabulous stuff you've been gettin in....thanks so much Pam!!!!

  2. I need to come see you!!!Love it when you post pics~Jenni is calling my name!!!!

  3. Congrats Sandi!

    I really need to get over to you! I see a few things I really need *cough* want - birdcage!


  4. Looks like fun!

    Happy blogoversary :)